Digital Paintball 3 PC Video Game

Even if you don’t like paintball in real life you will definitely like digital paintball 3 because it is simply the best paintball game ever made for pc. Not even a single of other paintball games comes even close to matching the quality of this one. The best part about it is that it’s completely free, yes, free for all! You can enjoy a top notch game without paying a dime and maybe in the future you will decide to donate a small amount of money to it.

Why is Digital Paintball 3 so awesome?

Because it has extremely good graphics and it is a lite game meaning that it will never crash while you play it! It is also possible to play it with friends and even online with other players from all over the world! The Digital Paintball community is a big one, you will definitely find other players to play with any time of the day!



Where can I download digital paintball 3 from?

You can download digital paintball 3 from this website, the download is free so you will be able to play immediately after you download! All you need to do is complete small offer and then the download will start automatically! Without trying to say too much about it, you will definitely spend the next evenings of your life playing this game.


I highly suggest you invite some friends to play with as playing alone can sometimes be boring. Invite them over and bring some joysticks to play with, you can play online or play alone with your friends in a 2 team scenario where both teams try to capture the enemy’s base by shooting paintballs and attacking organized. You can go all out alone if you want but I do not thing you’ll manage to infiltrate the enemy base alone. You will have no cover and will have to shoot very fast to take out any enemies in front of you pretty fast, else you will be taken out without notice.


Is Digital Paintball 3 the best pc paintball game?

Yes absolutely! Not only is it free but it also has an awesome design and can be extremely fun to play, especially with friends or online. The AI is also smarter than in any other pc paintball game and will make the game challenging and not boring. You will have to work with your team and advance in organization and not in a free style. But don’t worry; you will have an awesome feeling when your enemies will be shot in the head from your teammates!

So what are you waiting about? Download digital paintball 3 for free from this website which is also mentioned above and start having fun playing the best paintball pc game ever made!



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